Manipal University

Student certificate verification portal based on Block chain and Elixir.

Creation of web based application portal for uploading students’ certificates where universities, students and third parties like embassies, background verification companies and employers can access this portal simultaneously with a secured protocol without tampering it either at source or at destination

Key Feature

Through this application portal, the admin can schedule classes for online courses. Based on the availability of Guidemelearn teachers, the admin is having the flexibility of changing the schedule in the existing schedule which will be useful to take the history of the online classes for the entire session. The online courses offer long term courses and short term courses.
In addition to online classes, the application portal is also offer pre-recorded classes. The student can select any class, any subject and lessons to view the pre-recorded classes.

If a student goes to another university for higher studies and those certificates will be uploaded in to the same portal using the student unique key. In this way all certificates of different universities available in the same place without tampering. When a student goes for job interview or embassy interviews or background checks are done on the student, these certificates are available from anywhere in the world as the application is in cloud as well as encrypted by block chain. The students can issue a public key to different parties to access his/her records for validation. The application has been designed to scale up to millions of records as the concurrency is expected to be around 1 million users. We were able to achieve a performance benchmark of 2 seconds for 1 million concurrent users using elixir stack. Application UI/UX was also built with state of art design with high performance to the users.



They are always on time, and share reports periodically to show the work progression and targets. They have a very good process in place and provide transparent project status on a weekly basis and brainstorms on blockades or hindrances that surface during the project. They have incredible research skills and they share helpful insights that ensure the engagement’s success. Our application was completed within the budget and time as promised. Thanks to their technical and management team for providing the quality product. It helped us a lot to go-to-market on time.

Mr Samad Waseem | Founder & Director | Orrtus Ltd | Bangalore