Guidemelearn is a LMS application. It has online stream classes, offline pre-recorded video classes and will also act as a platform for student to select private tutors.

Through Guidemelearn project, student or parents can search for a particular course and opt for online classes and offline pre-recorded video classes or both. In addition to online courses, this application will be a platform for student and private tutors. A private tutor can register into this application. Based on the geo location and willingness to travel, they will be searchable for the students who is opting for Private Tuition.

Key Feature

Through this application portal, the admin can schedule classes for online courses. Based on the availability of Guidemelearn teachers, the admin is having the flexibility of changing the schedule in the existing schedule which will be useful to take the history of the online classes for the entire session. The online courses offer long term courses and short term courses.
In addition to online classes, the application portal is also offer pre-recorded classes. The student can select any class, any subject and lessons to view the pre-recorded classes.

We built an offshore Team to cater to the needs and challenges of touchstone go-to-market problems. Team took over the knowledge from the existing teams/freelancers with minimal support and came out with the best practices approach. There were quite a lot of revamps on the server side to optimise the usages/costs in AWS, adapting the AI engines with new libraries, completely changing the frontend with reactjs for better responses and with a engine of elixir as backend to solve the performance issues.



We engaged with ITERON from the start of the project for our LMS product. They are engaged with us seamlessly right from the requirement discussions. They always keeps us informed not only about the progress they are making week on week but also about the pitfalls found during the development stage and the solution for the same which makes our job easier.

Abdul Jaleel Abdulla

Director & CEO, The Daily Tribune