GPMP, Australia

A dedicated platform for managing Australian based healthcare systems which manages the Care Plan related documents and patient follow-up / reminder systems. All the documents are stored in the platform which can be easily retrieved, review it and resubmit it.

Currently all the care plan and treatment document generated while treating a patient is maintained manually and organizing and retrieving this documents is difficult to manage. Many hospitals have a separate department for managing these documents.
GPMP application totally digitize everything which makes easier for the hospital to retrieve, review and resubmit when the patient comes for health check review

Key Feature

A dedicated portal for connecting the manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and retailers all around the world. This platform enables the distributor and manufacturer to present the product trade offers and the wine retailer and distributor to submit their demand in this platform. This platform enables to connect retailer, distributor, and manufacturer seamlessly. The application is seamlessly integrated with hubspots for lead management. Instead of managing the lead in hubspot we have enabled the lead management through hubspot and also through application as well.

Through this platform, all the three players of wine industry will get connected and enables them to publish their product offerings and demands worldwide instead of confining to a region.

All the three players of wine industry (Wine distributor, wine distributor and wine retailer) can reap the benefit of trade offers and demands