Credit Management Application integrated with Zoho CRM.

Complete revamp of the existing website and building a new application for credit management and risk analysis, Zoho CRM integration and history data migration.

Key Feature

Through this application portal, the admin can schedule classes for online courses. Based on the availability of Guidemelearn teachers, the admin is having the flexibility of changing the schedule in the existing schedule which will be useful to take the history of the online classes for the entire session. The online courses offer long term courses and short term courses.
In addition to online classes, the application portal is also offer pre-recorded classes. The student can select any class, any subject and lessons to view the pre-recorded classes.

We implemented Search Engine Optimization to bring the web application to top in google search. We did also maintain the social media on behalf of the client and kept it active with various credit searching groups. Before we developed the application, the client had various limitations as follows