Elixir is required by demanding applications

The combination of Elixir with the Phoenix web framework is ideal for applications that require real-time communication, huge scalability, and 99.99 percent reliability. Elixir and Phoenix enable these functionalities by using Elixir's built-in concurrency to make full use of the server's processing capacity. With only one server, you can manage hundreds of thousands of requests.

Hire Experienced Elixir Developers At Elixir Experts

Elixirexpert has a team of experts and works along like your extended development team with you to make your business a step ahead.
So, If you have budding ideas to be rolled out as a product, if you have an existing coding to be improved, if you have an existing mobile app to be developed, if you have web development, if you need software developer support and for all of your requirements our team will always work as an extended development team for you, support you and be part of your success.
Our services include Consulting, UI/UX Design, Development, Integration, Cloud Services and Application Support etc.

Elixir Developer Competencies


We solve your Business Challenges and deliver a roadmap, strategy and

Design – UI/UX

Simple UI/UX and pleasing design with international standards. We apply design


Bring your ideas into code and visible functions. We follow Agile Development


Specialized in integrating with any third party or packaged solutions including

Cloud Services

Experts in Cloud Architecture including AWS, Herokuapp, Azure. We offer end to

Application Support

We offer 24×7 dedicated or shared services support models depending on


Elixir Specialists

At Elixirexperts, We have state-of-art infrastructure which facilitates top-class elixir development. That is why we employ the top Elixir Developers across the geographies and connect you with seasoned specialists who will address your skill shortages and provide essential value to your project.

Smooth and fast Onboarding

Most of our elixir developers join client projects in less than two weeks and immediately begin contributing to development and project contributions. We manage all of the onboarding details so that you and your team can concentrate on developing fantastic software.


We provide solutions that let you scale up and down as needed, from a single Elixir developer to a fully-featured Elixir development team. Our contracts are month-to-month and can be terminated with 30 days' notice.

Timely reporting

You'll receive a thorough report that includes all hours billed at your pre-set convenience, a summary of what was performed, and month-to-date and year-to-date totals. This is true for all initiatives, regardless of their size or complexity.

Billing Transparency

Our extensive management and billing procedure is transparent, and we utilize it to assess our developers' efficiency. You pay for the hours we work this way—no weekly or monthly block billing.

Round the clock Support

The technology we employ is meant to be reliable, with minimum downtime. Still, if something goes wrong, we are always ready to walk an extra mile, and one of our elixir developers will be available to fix it as quickly as possible.


Our elixir developers and development teams help startups and SMEs’ CEOs, CTOs, VPs of Engineering, and Product Owners design and construct high-quality software solutions. Contact us today for elixir development services, and let us power your business to grow.

Individual Developers

Get profiles – Interview Candidates and Select – Onboard – Assign Tasks

Group of Developers

Provide requirements – Elixir Architect assigned – Team formed – Project Manager takes responsibility for delivery.


If you are a start-up company with a product idea and do not want to build your own IT Team. In that case, you can avail the expertise of Elixirexperts in developing and delivering your product or application. Of course, you can build your own IT Team and transfer all the know-how and repository to your own Team at a later point of time. We do end-to-end services from requirements analysis to production live.


Many customers would like to combine in-house and external team models to scale up and down the requirements. Elixirexperts Team can do elixir Developments at ease with this model for short-term scale-ups and scale downs, and you can utilize Elixirexperts Team without impacting the in-house team tasks or costs. Elixirexperts have been successfully delivering projects in this model, and our client testimonials speak for our work


We give you leverage by mitigating the risk of unreliability while working with a freelancer. Elixirexperts also saves you from a lengthy on boarding process and the high expense of employing an in-house team. Further, you are not restricted to project size while working with us—a dedicated team of elixir developers can take on all types of projects, from routine maintenance and updates to constructing full-fledged systems serving thousands of users. Access to new technology and tools and professional experience from analysts, security engineers, testers, designers, or data scientists are other advantages. At the same time, the freelancers tend to have limited expertise for endeavours involving multiple technologies. Working with Elixirexperts entails employing not only competent elixir developers but also support staff like QA engineers, project managers, business analysts, senior developers for peer code reviews while working with freelancers would result in increased TTM (time-to-market) with more extensive and complex projects as more people will be needed down the line. To put it simply, we assure you to we provide you with the top of the class elixir developers and provide total transparency so you can have complete control of the development process and real-time time fixes and upgrades.


Elixirexperts has a strong Full stack development team with Elixir as a core competency and is supported with reactjs, nodejs, react native, mongo, postgre, and so on. Our experts keep themselves continuously updated with the upcoming technologies and frameworks. We call them T-shaped consultants as they are core Elixir Developers but with a vast knowledge of various other technologies to support the projects and applications.